New Cosmic Grinder Rasta Color

Cosmic Grinders have long been considered one of the toughest and also one of the best looking herbal grinders available. Before we get into this awesome new design/color let’s take a look at what Cosmic herbal grinders have to offer.

Don’t let Cosmic’s beautiful exterior fool you, these grinders are as tough as they come. All Cosmic herb grinders are made from anodized alcoa aluminum alloy, some of the toughest material used on any grinder. The delrin Teflon glide ring makes every twist of the Cosmic grinder as smooth as silk.

The anodized aluminum alloy not only resists wear and tear, but the alcoa coating actually stops the grinder from accumulating finger prints all together. Get a print on it and watch it quickly disappear almost like magic, so if you get a color grinder for its beautiful look you can expect to maintain that pretty exterior at all times.

Cosmic grinders come in both standard chrome and a beautiful assortment of colors.

The stainless steel sifting screen on the 4 piece versions sifts your material to a fine powder, making sure you don’t miss out on any of the essential ingredients in your material. The powder falls down into a small storage area where you will find a small scraping tool to help get everything off the bottom compartment.

The magnetized lid is held together by a neodymium magnet, which is a specific type of magnet known to strongly resist demagnetization. One problem with many magnetized grinders is over the course of repeated use the magnet tends to dull and makes spilling easier if you drop the grinder, so Cosmic grinders avoid this problem all together with this type of magnet.

The newest color they have released is this amazing looking Rasta design complete with lion on top and the “Cosmic” logo in the Rasta colors. This is one of the most original and awesome looking grinders we have ever seen and they are sure to go extremely fast, so pick one up soon.

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