New Fumo Pipe Bling Series

If there is one thing everyone loves, it is color and design options when purchasing a new piece. Whether it be a variation choice like the Easy Valve and Solid Valve like with the Volcano, or just a multitude of color options like with the Incredibowl m420, having those options available is always a plus.

Fumo Pipe recently added a new purple color Fumo Pipe to their stable of colors, but now they have taken it even further with the new Fumo Pipe Bling series. The Bling series takes three popular Fumo Pipe colors, Black, Gun Metal Grey and Purple, and adds a beautiful swirl or hibiscus flower design with several authentic Swarovski crystals. When they say Bling they mean it, complimenting each color with an appropriate crystal color to complete a beautiful design:

  • Purple Fumo Pipe – Iridescent Light Blue Swarovski Crystals
  • Black Fumo Pipe – Iridescent Lava Rose(Dark Red) Swarovski Crystals
  • Gun Metal Grey Fumo Pipe – Iridescent Color Changing(Chameleon) Swarovski Crystals

The Black Swirl design with authentic Swarovski crystals.

Fumo Pipe didn’t stop there, fitting each expansion tube with an accompanying swirl or hibiscus flower design that matches the the whole look of the pipe perfectly. As with the original Fumo Pipe, the Bling series works with the push button carburetor to quickly and easily use the Fumo Pipe anywhere and you still receive replacement screens, the metal poker/cleaning tool, and even 3 replacement Swarovski crystals in case you accidentally lose one.

If you have been waiting to buy a Fumo Pipe this may be the perfect time.

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