New Incredibowl i420 Accessories

The Incredibowl m420 seems to be getting all the attention lately, mainly because people need something a little more portable most times. However, these new accessories straight from Incredibowl might be enough to have people looking the i420’s way again.

First we have the i420 repair kit, a collection of 5 replacement screens, 2 o-ring replacements, 4 rubber band retainers that keep your Incredibowl’s air tight seal in the expansion chamber, and a nice clear container to store it all in.

It is always much easier to replace your screen, rather than cleaning it, as getting it fully clean can be a huge hassle. Over extended use the Incredibowl’s rubber bands might loosen up a bit and stop that real air tight seal you are used to in the chamber, with the repair kit you are all set when and if this ever happens.

Click the picture for an up close look at the design on the tube.

Now to the real show stopper of these two accessories, the Incredibowl 20″ expansion chamber. You may have seen the 10″ expansion before, but the 20 incher is taking things to a whole new level. It is hard to explain just how massive this expansion tube is, but if you are looking for gigantic pulls then this is the accessory for you.

On the tube there is a unique looking octopus design with Incredibowl logos up and down the tube as well. The design definitely demands attention and adds a nice aesthetic appeal instead of the plain tube you are used to. If you have been finding your i420 experience a little stale lately this will definitely make things fresh again.

Head over to EZVapes to pick up either of these great accessories.

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