New Kindstack Products

Kindstack originally made one of our favorite storage solutions out there, theĀ Kindstack Supreme, and now they are back with some new products sure to catch your attention.

The Kindstack Supreme remains an amazing storage option, with 3 separate stackable containers as well as the Kindstack acrylic grinder and the Kindscope for up close looks at your blend. Now, for those who need to store a lot of material, they have released the Kindstack Treehouse.

The Treehouse is the same as the original Kindstack (minus the grinder and scope) but much larger. Where the original Kindstack comes in at 2.5″ wide and 4″ tall, the Kindstack Treehouse is 3.5″ wide and a little over 5″ tall.

The iSpy comes in both “Peruvian White” and “Storm Black” to match the type of iPhone you have.

Perhaps the most intriguing new accessory is the Kindstack iSpy. This iPhone case is not your typical iPhone case, as it has a small Kindscope that easily twists on and off of the case to give you an up close look at your blend through your phone’s screen.

Since it is connected to your phone’s camera you can quickly and easily share and upload your pictures to friends or just for your own personal use. The scope comes with a bright white light and an LED setting to really get a close look into what you are working with. When you aren’t using the scope you can store it in the included black leather carrying case.

Check out all of our Kindstack products on the site.

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