Nine Vaporizer Winners Selected This Week!

We’ve got an insane NINE vapes being selected for random winners today, hands down the most we’ve ever had in a single day!

Due to many, many people being asleep at the wheel we find ourselves with a whopping nine vapes up for grabs today, those vapes are:

Like I said, pure insanity. We run the full gauntlet of vapes with tiny vape pens for e-juice all the way to the glass set up Lotus J-Hook for dry herbs. All the bases are covered.

Now is the time to check your email inbox, the email you used to join the EZVapes community, for that message from us letting you know you are one of the lucky winners. If you won, send us out your shipping info and we’ll have it out to you in no time!

Don’t forget we just kicked off our huge month long sale where you can get 15% off ALL VAPE PENS. Just enter the coupon code “VAPE15″ at checkout and reap the rewards of being in the know for all these sales we throw.

Now that the warm weather is here and you can bask in the sun, what e-juice flavors have you been using lately? I’ve switched to some tropical ones like Bahama Blizzard by NicQuid, how about you? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Buckeyeoak says

    I’m vaping a juice called Tropical Twister. Just seems like a fresh beachy vape for the hot summer days. 🙂 I would love to win one of the giveaways too! I finally quit smoking when I started vaping. I also have stage 4 Carcinoid cancer and I hope it helps my cancer from growing. 🙂 Have a great weekend!!

  2. Jeff Dayton says

    I am new here and so far I really like what I am seeing. Being new to vaping I am always looking for product reviews and information

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