November Giveaways Begin: 2 Winners Selected!

Halloween has passed and with it so has October. We had a great time drawing random winners for some amazing prizes last month and now that the calendar has flipped to November it is time for a whole new set of giveaways!

After hitting a rough patch for a while there we had some winners claim their prizes last week just in time to clear some space for our new giveaways!

I am extremely happy to report that the Incredibowl m420 was FINALLY claimed and is on its way to Amanda N. all the way over in Saskatchewan! The m420 has finally got its new home and even a new country!

The only prize left over from October is actually the final prize from the month, the Atmos Junior vape. This tiny vape pen has been getting some amazing reviews for how well it vaporizes waxy concentrates, including a glowing review from us.

Our first prize for our November “Thanksgiveaways” (as we so cleverly dubbed it) is the O-Phos by Delta9Vapes. The O-phos vape pen is a great entry level vape for those using oils and waxes and it has an amazing build and look.

Our new sale for November has kicked off today as well, taking last month’s sale and making it look completely insignificant. This month you can get 15% off ALL vapes! Every single one, site wide. This of course includes all portable vapes as well, so if you didn’t act fast enough taking advantage of that deal we’ve got you covered! Use the coupon code VAPE15 and you’ll instantly save 15% off any vaporizer in your shopping cart.

So get to checking those email accounts! Cross your fingers, clutch your lucky rabbit’s foot, or perform any other luck building activity and hope for the email from us letting you know you’ve won. If you were lucky enough to win just reply to that email with your shipping address and we’ll get it sent out ASAP!

To get in on these giveaways all you have to do is join the friendly and fun EZVapes community here. In addition to ebign eligible for all our giveaways, you’ll also receive our weekly newsletter that is going to have reviews, pics of new and hot products, and even some unadvertised deals and coupons. Definitely worth a quick read!

The daily e-juice giveaways on our Facebook page have shown absolutely no signs of slowing down. We kept them going last month and will continue to do so for November as well. To get involved just head over to our Facebook page and follow the rules when they’re posted. The rules have changed a bit from the past, so be sure to read them if you haven’t in a while.

So what do you think about this month’s prizes? Anything you would prefer over the other? Any questions about any of them? Let us know in the comments and have a great weekend everyone!


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  2. Hooked it up

  3. Like it bro

  4. Can I please win this…please

  5. Michael Scott Peterson says

    this is awesome

  6. Skip McCallum says

    I am in Florida and no access to these pipes that use oil. Can they also use herb?

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