Overview: Dube 2 18kt Gold Edition

White Rhino has really come into its own in the last year or so product-wise, and the 18KT Dube 2 could very well be considered a bit of a celebratory extravagance. Before we talk about precious metals though, let us first focus on the Dube 2 itself, which is still essentially what you’re buying here.

The main difference between the original Dube and the Dube 2 is that the original was only capable of handling dry herb blends and thicker concentrates that could be simply stuffed into the cartridge. But now with the advent of the second coming of the Dube, you can also load oil and e-liquid cartridges into your battery as well. This innovation is obviously huge and is something the industry has been waiting very patiently to see.

With the Dube 2 currently available on store shelves, there is absolutely no need to purchase more than a single device ever again, even if you happen run the gamut of niches in the industry. White Rhino has you covered. Now let’s get down to business and check the specs.

The Dube2 gives you FOUR dry herb/wax carts AND an e-juice cart right out of the box.

The Dube2 gives you FOUR dry herb/wax carts AND an e-juice cart right out of the box.

The Dube 2 is powered by a 280 mAh polymer lithium-ion battery that has an output of 3.2 to 2.4 volts respectively, and is charged off of a wall unit that runs in the standard 110-220/SV range. The battery life is rated at just about 2 hours give or take, and the charge time to a full tank is a very speedy 90 minutes. The expected life of the battery itself is estimated to about 400 cycles which you figure should definitely put you at over a year’s worth of daily use.

The cartridge voltage rates at the mean battery output of 3.7. The conduction heating element takes only about 3 to 4 seconds to reach its target temperature of 356 to 392 Degrees Fahrenheit, which is fast enough to translate to only a single initial wait, and then next to no down time during a quick session.

Moving on to the presentation of the pen itself, it is about the size of your standard e-cig, with of course, the very ‘non-standard’ gold finish along its battery and cartridge. If you’ve got the style and confidence to match this special gold edition model, you will definitely be able to communicate your level of class through the aesthetics of this uber blinged-out vape pen.

The green light at the bottom of the Dube2 surprisingly doesn't look out of place with the gold finish.

The green light at the bottom of the Dube2 surprisingly doesn’t look out of place with the gold finish.

Also remember, gold doesn’t ever rust, so expect its luster to last through all the years of its continued use, and shine just as brightly as the day you bought it. Using the Dube 2 couldn’t be easier with its single-button functionality, and with five quick pushes, you disable the accidental discharge mechanism and are ready to vape. Five more taps will lock it back up and have it pocket-ready when you’re about to take a breeze.

Included in the Gold Edition Kit is a veritable treasure trove of all that is needed to fully utilize, charge and clean your Dube 2, and that’s the way any true “kit” worth its weight should be. You’ve got your gold-plated battery of course, 4 cartridges to load the herbs and wax, and now a special e-tank for liquids and oils to join the party as well.

The included charger system has dual capacity for both standard wall outlets and USB ports. To clean things up when needed, they give you a very sturdy cleaning brush and a few alcohol wipes, and then for loading and handling material you get to feel like Tony Montana with the small little gold-finished spoon they include that also has a poker on the other end. Straight dope.

Top all that off with a ridiculously cool, gold-plated White Rhino Mascot Keychain thrown in for good measure, and I think it’s safe to say we pretty much have the ultimate all-in-one kit being sold on the market today. Cheers.

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