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Magic 710 Auto Battery: Doesn’t Get Easier Than This

The Vapmod Magic 710 automatic cartridge battery has a convenient buttonless design and an open side for a clear view of your oil levels at all times. Just draw and enjoy. Available in 5 colors at Follow @ezvapes on Instagram for more.

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Introducing the Airis Qute Waxy Vaporizer

The Airis Qute Kit includes a fritted quartz “q-cell” concentrate cartridge that makes vaping your favorite waxy concentrates easy and enjoyable. With its magnetic adapter style set-up, the Qute can also function as a variable voltage oil cartridge battery, fitting most 510 thread attachments up to 12mm wide. Pick up the Qute by Airistech today […]

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Vapmod Rock 710 is Loaded with Features

The Vapmod Rock 710 vaporizer folds your cartridge away for discreet storage, had 4 voltage settings that allow you to hone in on the perfect vapor, and even haptic feedback (vibration). Need we say more? Available in 6 colors at Follow @ezvapes on Instagram for more.

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