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ThermoVape on CNET

Check out this awesome ThermoVape video from “Always On” hosted by Molly Wood of CNET. They refer to vaporizing as “high-tech smoking” so CNET obviously has a little to learn on the subject. Nice to see a great company like Thermo Essence Technologies in the spotlight with their great line of vaporizers.

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Atmos RAW Oil Attachment

Atmos Raw portable vaporizer

The Atmos RAW is one of the smallest herbal vaporizers you can find in production today. It’s about the size of a small marker and features super fast one button operation for those who need to vaporize on the go and do it quickly. However, the RAW vaporizer was limited to just herbal blends. Until […]

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New Atmos Vaporizers

Atmos RX may be best known for their Atmos Raw portable vaporizer, but recently they have released two new vapes for use with e-liquids and essential oils.

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