Pinnacle Pro Portable Vaporizer Review

The second I saw the original Pinnacle vape when it was released I was immediately intrigued. Could a vape this small really deliver results up there with some of the larger portables out there? In the end the answer was yes, but it definitely had its cons as well. Now VaporBLUNT is back with an updated version that covers what they felt were the main concerns with their original design, but how does it stack up overall? Are the improvements worth picking it up? Let’s dive in and find out…

The Pinnacle Pro vaporizer is the same size as the original Pinnacle, a little over 5 inches long and about an inch thick. This is still one of the smallest portable vapes I’ve seen that doesn’t require you to carry extra batteries, butane or any other 3rd party accessory to use. It’s certainly small enough to fit in your pocket, bag or purse without being a bother.

The top cap has a nice dark tint to it that matches the sleek black look of the Pinnacle Pro. The original Pinnacle had the same cap except it was completely clear, leading to it quickly turning a dark yellow color after continued use. Not a huge deal, but it certainly made you want to clean it more often than you really had to, so the black tint is a nice touch.

The Pinnacle Pro has a special "bullet" for oils and concentrates.

The Pinnacle Pro has a special “bullet” for oils and concentrates.

The quick change herb “bullet” system gladly returns. The small bullet cartridges make cleaning so incredibly easy because it keeps any material from lingering in the actual heating chamber. You simply load the bullet and then drop it right into the heating chamber, then when done you can tip the bullet right our of the vape to clean.

You now have 5 different heat levels to choose from instead of the former 2 with the original Pinnacle vape. Each heat level gets its own individual color to signify what temperature you are on. The available temps are:

  • Heat Level 1: 370° WHITE
  • Heat Level 2: 395° TURQUOISE
  • Heat Level 3: 420° GREEN
  • Heat Level 4: 445° ORANGE
  • Heat Level 5: 470° PURPLE

I like this because since the 5 individual lights are on the smaller size you can glance at your Pinnacle Pro and know what temperature setting you are at. You’ll notice the highest setting is 470° F which is extremely high, that is because the new Pinnacle vaporizer allows you to vaporize oils and concentrates! Definitely a much needed feature and very welcome, but we’ll get more into that later.

The whole vaporizer is operated by one simple button. One button press displays the battery level by lighting up 1 through 5 of the LED lights, with 5 lights being a full charge. Each following press will cycle through the 5 heat levels and to turn the unit off you just hold the button for a few seconds.

Here are the different LED lights on the Pinnacle Pro in action.

Here are the different LED lights on the Pinnacle Pro in action.

Most notable here is the battery level indicator. I can not tell you how many times I reached for my Pinnacle and the battery was dead or very close to it. Now there is no guessing game involved and you don’t have to throw it on the charger after use each and every time to play it safe.

Luckily VaporBLUNT has added a small ridge that lines the one button on the front to make it more difficult to press by accident if it is in your pocket. The first iteration was just a flat button and I had it start heating up in my pocket a few times, nothing crazy but it is nice I’ll no longer have to worry about that.

The battery life on the Pinnacle Pro is still a bit of a disappointment. At the lower heat levels you’ll get maybe an hour if you are lucky and at higher levels it is only going to give you a half hour to 45 minutes. The good news is now the Pinnacle Pro portable vaporizer can be used while charging, even at little to no battery life. So worst comes to worst and you forgot to charge it then you are still covered.

The original Pinnacle's micro shower glass water tool works with the Pinnacle Pro.

The original Pinnacle’s micro shower glass water tool works with the Pinnacle Pro.

I really love the vapor quality the Pinnacle Pro achieves at heat level 1. To reach temperature at heat level 1 it takes about 2 minutes and each level up after that only takes about 20 seconds to reach. After about 15 minutes of use I’ll usually crank it up to heat level 2 or 3 to really finish it off. In the short amount of distance the vapor travels from the chamber to the mouthpiece the vapor is still surprisingly cool, but of course is a bit hotter once you hit level 3.

I couldn’t wait to try the oil and concentrate attachment and luckily it did not disappoint. Similar to the herb bullet, the oil bullet drops into the heating chamber but it is about half the length and the bottom is solid, with no screen. There is a small notch in the rim though so that a bit of air can make it through so you don’t get a really tough draw. I was skeptical at first, but the Pinnacle Pro definitely makes vaping oils and concentrates really quick and easy.

If you already own the Pinnacle and have a bunch of accessories for it and are considering an upgrade to the Pro fear not, because all of those accessories are forward compatible. Even the micro shower water tool attachment works with the Pinnacle Pro. The Pro also comes with the 14mm pong adapter out of the box, so if you have your own water tool you can have at it right away.

The included cleaning brush makes cleaning the bullets incredibly quick and easy.

The included cleaning brush makes cleaning the bullets incredibly quick and easy.

Overall VaporBLUNT really listened to the critiques they received on the Pinnacle and improved it across the board. I would like to see a little bit longer battery life, but the fact that this runs on a rechargeable battery at all considering its size is pretty great, so I’m really just nitpicking.

Whether you are new to the Pinnacle altogether or are considering an upgrade to the Pinnacle Pro version you won’t regret the decision. We’ll be giving one of these bad boys away as the grand finale in our September giveaways, so make sure you join the EZVapes community to become eligible!


  1. The 4th and 5th heat levels are for essential oils and concentrates, so you want to avoid those when using flowers. But any heat level from 1 to 3 is perfect for flowers, I personally use level 3.

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