Product Focus: Alivi8 Portable Vaporizer

The Alivi8 vaporizer is an interesting little device. If you are at all familiar with the Vapor Genie then you will already know the basic premise of the Alivi8. Basically you use a standard lighter much like you would with a smoke pipe, but instead you are not going to light the material directly, so you can achieve vaporization.

On the outside the Alivi8 portable vape leaves an excellent first impression. It comes packaged in a beautiful white box that reads “Alivi8 Vaporizer” and the cover slides right off to reveal the Alivi8 packaged snugly in a custom cut foam material, definitely won’t have to worry about any damage during the shipping and delivery process.

However, the box isn’t the star here, as once you get your hands on the Alivi8 vape you will find it has a nice weight to it and the stainless steel finish gives off a beautiful reflection of its surroundings. Definitely the best looking vaporizer in its category for sure.

The Alivi8 portable vaporizer lets you pack your material of choice into the herb chamber, which looks much like a standard herb chamber. The difference is that a dual screen design is employed for when you screw the flame arrester cap back on. Now when you light the Alivi8 the chamber will stop the flame from actually reaching the material and instead pass warm air through it, vaporizing it along the way.

The stainless steel inner maze on the Alivi8 cools and cleans the vapor on its way to the mouthpiece.

Now for the real eye catcher and what really sets the Alivi8 apart from its competition, the stainless steel vapor maze. What this inner maze design does is forces the vapor to travel through the stainless steel path the maximum distance before reaching the mouthpiece, both cool and cleaning the vapor along the way.

The inner maze design is a patented design used by Red-Eye Metalware on all of their products. The design really makes a huge difference, especially since you have to use a lighter to heat up the Alivi8 vaporizer. You won’t get any butane flavor what so ever thanks to the cooling and cleaning process taking place.

The Alivi8 is only about 4 inches tall and is super skinny, about the size of a nickel. Throwing the Alivi8 portable vaporizer in your pocket and hitting the road couldn’t be easier and no need for rechargeable batteries ensures that wherever there is a lighter you will be able to vaporize.

The Alivi8’s packaging also doubles as a very nice carrying case die to the custom cut foam insert.

At the top of the mouthpiece of the Alivi8 you will see what looks like a stopper of some sort, but when you slide it out it is actually a metal poker meant to clean the Alivi8 vape quickly and easily. It is designed to fit right in the mouthpiece opening for easy carrying so whenever you need to clean you Alivi8 it can be done super quick.

The flame arrester at the base of the Alivi8 is made of ceramic, so when you light it it will withstand the extreme temperatures needed to achieve vaporization. Some other competing products use material that can end up melting or even cracking, the ceramic arrester makes sure that does not happen.

Overall the Alivi8 vaporizer is a perfect portable vape for anyone who needs something that is quick, easy, efficient, and won’t give them any trouble when they need to vaporize on the drop of a dime. From more information on the Alivi8 portable vaporizer head over to EZVapes.

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