Product Focus: DaVinci Vaporizer Sports Case Kit

It seems like there is a new portable vape being released daily, with each one coming up with new and more convenient ways of vaporizing away from home. So being noticed when you are the new kid on the block in this ever-growing and increasingly competitive portable vaporizing market it is certainly not an easy task garnering attention. The DaVinci Vaporizer may not look like much to rave about from the outside, but you should know by now not to judge a book by its cover.

When picking up the DaVinci herbal vape and first examining it two things become immediately apparent. First, it is a really nice and small handheld size. Second, despite its size, it still manages to have a digital temperature display. Usually any vaporizer, portable or not, with an LED temperature display is going to be pretty large. The best you can hope for is some lights representing power levels, like with the Arizer Solo.

When you open up the DaVinci Vaporizer’s herb chamber cap you immediately see what this vape is bringing to the table. Stored neatly inside is a mini cleaning brush, hidden storage compartment, and both the stainless steel herb chamber and space for oil cans.

The oil cans are laid out where just enough is sticking out of the top for them to be easily plucked from the foam.

Each DaVinci portable vaporizer comes with two oil cans, one empty for solids and another with a swab for essential oils. With the ability to vaporize any material you want, this small vape is one of the more versatile portable vaporizers around.

Using the DaVinci Vape is also extremely easy, whether you are vaporizing oils and concentrates or herbal blends. The power switch turns it on and from there you can adjust your target temperature with the plus and minus buttons. After that all you have to do to fire up the DaVinci vaporizer is simply press the power button right below the plus and minus buttons used to set your temp. It’s really that easy.

The DaVinci portable vaporizer uses three separate lithium-ion batteries to power its heating element. These three batteries combine to give you almost an hour of uninterrupted vaporization. An hour may not seem like very long, but vape sessions on the go generally only last about twenty minutes, so you are going to get at least three sessions out of one charge. Also the storage chamber on the inside of the DaVinci Vape holds up to three times the amount needed for one pack, making the DaVinci Vaporizer a portable vaporizing station of sorts.

The custom foam is completely shock resistant, ensuring the safety of its contents at all times.

After about ten straight minutes of vaporization the DaVinci herbal vape’s auto shutoff feature kicks in. Like other portable vaporizers this feature is added as a safety precaution in case the vaporizer is unintentionally left sitting around unattended. This is also a round about way of conserving battery life if you aren’t paying attention while using it.

For such a portable and versatile vaporizer, it would be a shame if it didn’t have a little protection to go along with it, for those lengthy weekend excursions. Well EZVapes has you covered with the new DaVinci Vape Sports Case Kit. The DaVinci Vaporizer already comes with everything you need to vaporize any time and anywhere, but now you will have the ultimate protection to ensure its safety no matter where you go.

The Pelican brand water resistant travel case is crushproof, dustproof, and is even backed by a lifetime guarantee, showing Pelican’s complete confidence in the cases they make. The black outer shell design has a glossy finish to it that is sure to match anyone’s style. Also on the outside you will find a small sport clip that is perfect to clip to your keys, pants, backpack, almost anywhere to make it super easy to take with you.

The front clip easily snaps open and closed, giving you quick and immediate access to the inside. Below the clip you will find Pelican’s signature “Automatic Pressure Purge” which is what actively keeps all the water, dust and any extra air out of the case, making sure everything is protected and held firmly in place. On top of that, the grinder’s color is matched to the color of the DaVinci Vaporizer you choose when available.

Since the case is water resistant, you can use the keychain clip to even clip onto your hefty boat keys.

Once you open up the case you will find super tough Polyethylene custom cut foam, which is known for its extreme density and ability to protect what it surrounds. The custom insert holds your DaVinci Vaporizer, the flexi-straw mouthpiece, both oil cans, and an additional space to store whatever you want, such as screens or other accessories.

Included with the DaVinci Vape and sport case, you also get a free Diamond Grind 2-piece premium brand grinder. This is not your typical aluminum “throw in” type of grinder, all Diamond Grinders are made of a super tough anodized aluminum that is going to strongly resist wear and tear even after extensive use. Its small size is absolutely perfect to go with your DaVinci herbal vape and even fits in the extra storage space in the case.

Also worth mentioning is the EZVapes airtight rewritable storage jar and all weather decal. The storage jar comes with a rewritable surface on top so you can continue to mark the contents of your jar over and over again. The all weather decal is your way of showing support for and the vaporizing movement, its tough all weather design holds up through constant exposure to sunlight and any weather condition Mother Nature can throw its way.

With this kit you truly will have everything you need to vaporize anywhere your little heart desires, all while having peace of mind that your investment is going to be protected through all the traveling. For more information on the DaVinci portable vaporizer check out our DaVinci Vape Spotlight and click here to learn how to win a DaVinci Vaporizer Sports Case Kit absolutely free.

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