Product Focus: The Palm Vaporizer

Recently we briefly outlined the impending arrival of the Palm Vaporizer. Well, it has finally arrived and we are definitely psyched to show you the ins and outs of this great new portable vaporizer. The Palm Vape represents VaporBLUNT’s second foray into portable vaporizers and with such a strong first showing it is needless to say everyone’s expectations were high.

The VaporBLUNT was released only a little over a year ago and since its release it has gotten a lot of positive attention for its incredibly easy one button operation, super fast heat up time, and incredible efficiency. But as far as portability, the VaporBLUNT left a little to be desired. It isn’t pocket size, so it is not easily brought from place to place and just isn’t ideal for someone who needs something they can easily use any time, anywhere.

With the Palm Vaporizer portability is one its key features. No surprise here, but the Palm Vape fits right in the palm of your hand. Like the Vapor BLUNT, the Palm is made of a strong polycarbonate design definitely capable of taking the inevitable beating any portable vape will endure in your travels. It really can’t be emphasized enough how important┬ádurability is with any portable vaporizer.

The removable screen on the Palm Vape comes out quickly and easily for cleaning or replacing.

The Palm portable vaporizer leaves an immediate impact when you get it with its beautiful packaging, just like the VaporBLUNT. It’s a black box with red vapor design and a picture of the Palm Vape and its logo and of course “Made in USA” printed on the bottom.

Starting at the top, you will notice a clear plastic window that is secured over the herb chamber and screen with the Palm logo printed on it. This window is secured by a latch that allows it to easily swing open and shut with no hassle. This way you can drop your material of choice in down onto the screen and just shut the window and you’re all set.

The stainless steel screen in the herb chamber is completely removable, making cleaning or replacing it easier than ever before with this type of vaporizer. Another reason the removable screen is so crucial is because the Palm herbal vaporizer also lets you vaporize your favorite oils and concentrates. No special steps required, just drop your material right on the screen like you would with herbs.

As you can see, the Palm Vape is significantly smaller than the VaporBLUNT.

From the herb chamber you can see a small glass tube running straight through the stem directly to the mouthpiece. This is the Palm’s all glass vapor path, so your vapor is going straight from the herb chamber to the mouthpiece without any interference by any other materials, giving you the natural taste of your material that you are looking for.

The mouthpieces on the Palm Vaporizer are the exact same mouthpieces used on the VaporBLUNT. This was a great design idea, because if you already have a pack of flavored mouthpieces from your VaporBLUNT then you will be able to use any of them with the Palm. And if you don’t, well the Palm Vape comes with a standard plastic mouthpiece and one flavored mouthpiece right out of the box.

Also included in the box you will find a cleaning brush perfect for cleaning off the screen of the Palm Vape, a pipe cleaner to insert directly down the glass vapor path for quick cleaning, a black velvet carrying bag to neatly store the Palm and all its parts, and finally two rechargeable batteries with black rubber caps as well as a wall charger fit to charge both batteries.

The small charger indicator lights will be solid red before turning green when the batteries have reached a full charge.

This brings us to those rechargeable batteries. The way the Palm Vaporizer achieves vaporization is by inserting one of the two rechargeable batteries in the open slot below where the herb chamber meets the glass vapor path. When the battery is pushed in it immediately begins heating the chamber, producing vapor in a matter of seconds.

This method is very similar to what you see with the Magic Flight Launch Box, but the way the battery is positioned is far more comfortable. It line up so when you hold it the battery’s rubber cap is resting right on your thumb and with a light squeeze you will see a small orange LED light come on right where the glass vapor path begins, signaling that the Palm is heating.

The amount of vapor you get is determined by two things: how much material you put in the chamber as well as how long you hold the battery in for. You do, however, have to be careful how long you hold the battery in as combustion is possible if held too long.

The Palm Vaporizer really delivers on all fronts and the super portable design is a major plus. Versatile as any vape out there, you won’t have to worry about carrying multiple vapes with you if you plan on using different materials, the Palm is all you will need. The Palm is currently available at EZVapes in a number of color choices, so you are sure to find one that fits your style.

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