Vaporizer Review: Vapor BLUNT Pro Kit

Vapor BLUNT with Pelican Waterproof Case

Upon its release in early 2012, the VaporBLUNT immediately grabbed the attention of everyone in the vaporizing community. The simple, straight forward design and sleek look was what instantly grabbed most, but after diving into the features of the VaporBLUNT you quickly realize this portable vaporizer has a lot more to offer than just looks.

The VaporBLUNT is definitely larger in person than what you may have gathered from the pictures. From mouthpiece to the bottom cap for the herb chamber you are looking at about nine inches total. As far as thickness, it is about as thick as a quarter, so it isn’t quite pocket size, but is not cumbersome to hold in the least. In fact, the ergonomic groove in the middle actually feels super comfortable to hold in your hand.

As with any portable vaporizer, durability is extremely important because of the bumps and bruises a vape can take while on the go. The Vapor BLUNT portable vaporizer has a strong polycarbonate shell that is up for the challenge. Drop it, smack it, throw it, whatever you throw its way it can most certainly handle.

At the bottom of the VaporBLUNT vape is a cap that keeps the herb chamber closed, but upon further review it is so much more than that. There is a turn knob on the cap that when twisted, it spins a small stir tool piece attached to the cap inside the herb chamber. This completely eliminates the need to open up your herb chamber during use and losing any of that precious heat required for vaporization.

The Pelican case’s light weight makes it very easy to take with you, especially with the carrying handle.

The VaporBLUNT vaporizer is operated start to finish by the push of one single button, making operation as simple as it can possibly be. One push will heat the vape up to it’s standard temperature of 390° Fahrenheit, a second push will put the vaporizer into “Boost Mode” which heats it to 410° Fahrenheit. One final push and short hold of the button will turn the VaporBLUNT vaporizer off completely. In addition to the simple operation, it heats up to its max temperature of 410° in under a minute each and every time. Something no other vaporizer can boast.

The lithium-ion battery in the VaporBLUNT lasts through about an hour and a half of continuous vaporization and only takes about the same time to reach a full charge. You can actually use the VaporBLUNT while it is plugged in and charging if you wish, so if you don’t need to carry it around with you at the time, using it while plugged in is a great way to save battery life for later when you are on the move.

For safety reasons, the VaporBLUNT portable vape has an auto shutoff feature that kicks in after about 15 minutes. Anything operating at temperatures around 410° would be very unsafe if left unattended, so that is one worry that is washed away by such a simple feature as an auto shutoff. You will often see this small detail skipped in a Vapor BLUNT review, but this is a very important feature to be aware of.

Exclusively at EZVapes we have put together a package to give you the ultimate portable vaporizing set up, the VaporBLUNT Pro Kit. This all-in-one kit is going to set you up with every last thing you could possibly need to vaporize at home or during your travels.

The top foam is pointed to securely hold everything down in place.

The real stand out star in this package is the Pelican waterproof case. This original Pelican brand case made right here in the US is completely waterproof, not to be confused with water resistant, and is also crushproof, dustproof, and is backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee, showing Pelican’s full confidence in their product.

The outer hard shell is incredibly strong, built to withstand whatever you can throw its way. The clips to open the case are two stage clips, meaning a slight pull will pop it open and then make opening the case from there resistance free, unlike many other waterproof cases where opening can be a painstaking task for your fingers and your patience.

Between the clips you will find several other great features, including Pelican’s “automatic pressure equalization valve” that actively removes extra air from the case, all while keeping water and dust out. Additionally, you will find an ergonomic handle right in the center-front of the case so you will never have to have a bag or any other item to easily carry your VaporBLUNT Pro Kit case. Finally, located to the left and right of the handle you will see two holes, one on each side, so you can add a pad lock, large or small, to keep your case locked and secure from others.

Once you open the Pelican case you will see what this Pro Kit is truly all about. The VaporBLUNT, wall charger, 4 piece Diamond Grind premium brand grinder, and additional storage space are all nestled gently in their custom shock resistant foam cut out spaces. Each cut out even has an extra space cut out for your finger to easily pull any of the pieces out of their spots without having to mess with the foam, a small but very welcome addition.

“You break it, we replace it… forever” -Pelican Case’s Lifetime Guarantee

The foam insert layer that houses all these items is also completely removable. When you remove it you are left with the same shock resistant foam on both the top and bottom of the case, so now you can store whatever you can fit in the case. The case is right around 11″ x 7″ x 4″ so the amount of things you can fit in the case are numerous. Why not throw all your belongings like your watch, wallet, cell phone, etc. in the case for a trip to the beach? No need to worry about sand or water getting through with this case.

Aside from the VaporBLUNT portable vape itself and everything that comes with it, you also receive an additional VaporBLUNT screen and the Diamond Grind 4-piece aluminum grinder. The screen is a must have for when you have to clean the screen that originally comes in the VaporBLUNT. Now whenever you are cleaning one screen, you will have another to use so your vape doesn’t have to lay dormant.

Diamond Grind premium brand grinders are very well known for their super tough anodized aluminum build. Anodized aluminum goes through an additional anodization process that gives the grinder an extra layer vital to resisting wear and tear, leaving you with a grinder that will never let you down.

Remove the custom foam insert and store whatever you want in the case, while still keeping your VaporBLUNT and parts organized.

Last but not least you get the EZVapes rewritable storage jar and matching full color “Vaporize the World” all weather decal. The herbal storage jar is completely airtight to protect everything inside and the rewritable surface on top works like a dry erase board, so you can mark whatever contents you are storing time and time again. Use the all weather EZVapes logo decal to show your support for EZVapes and vaporizing in general wherever you wish, your car, window, anywhere. These all weather decals won’t fade or peel from water or sunlight.

Along with its nice dimensions for quick transportation, the Pelican case is also very lightweight for a case of this size. Especially with the handle, the case is never cumbersome to carry with you. Anyone who has put off vaporizing for one reason or another we can understand, but when a kit like this comes along it is a no brainer. You will instantly have everything you need for an amazing vaporizing experience at your disposal. For some more information on the VaporBLUNT Pro Kit head over to

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