Ringing In The New Year With Great Vaporizer Giveaways!

The fat lady has sang for 2013 and it is time for a brand new year. With the new year comes your new year’s resolutions and our resolution here at EZVapes is to get more free vapes into the hands of some of our lucky and loyal fans!

Fueling the pure insanity of the holidays last month we had a ton of great giveaways go out the door to brand new owners who were kind enough to give some vapes a loving home for the holidays. This month we have FIVE Fridays in the month and better yet, SEVEN chances to win!

Of course any stragglers from the giveaways last month will be rolling over into this month, which gives us the potential to have an unfathomable amount of vaporizer giveaways going out! Here are the new vapes up for grabs for January:

In the first two weeks we will be drawing two separate winners for both prizes, doubling your chances to take home a new vape.

First up we will have two random winners taking home the Liquid Mini vape pen. The Liquid Mini by White Rhino takes portability to all new levels, measuring only about 5 and a half inches and is about as half as thin as a standard vape pen! The mouthpiece easily unscrews so you can quickly load up with your favorite flavor e-juice and hit the road!

In week two we’ll be drawing another two random winners, both taking home the new Dube XS! You may have heard of the Dube vaporizer by White Rhino, but the Dube XS uses a new screen system in the cartridge that makes vaping your favorite dry blend or concentrates a breeze. The Dube XS is also extremely small, coming in as thin as the Liquid Mini, but a half inch shorter!

Up next is the RAW box vaporizer, a great table top vaporizer that is incredibly easy to use and produces clouds with the best of them. You may know RAW for their excellent rolling papers, but they have wowed everyone with their first vape! It has a beautiful wooden design and the ceramic heating element unscrews for easy cleaning between uses!

Our week 4 prize is the small and portable Lotus vape by Mendocino Therapeutics! The Lotus works with a torch lighter to quickly and efficiently vaporize your material at home or on the go. Included with the giveaway will be the Lotus water tool adapter, so you can hook your Lotus up to either a 14mm or 18mm water tool and enjoy the benefits of smooth water filtration, combined with the quickness and ease the Lotus offers!

Finally our grand prize this month is the super futuristic iPhone VapeCase vaporizer! This durable and lightweight case for your iPhone 5/5S fits most 510 threaded cartridges so you can vape your favorite flavors in seconds, all while saving pocket space since it is attached to your phone! The 4 stage variable voltage battery even allows you to tune the experience to your perfect settings for an enjoyable experience every time. Forget “Hold on, got a call waiting”, now it’s “Hold on, got a vape waiting!”

Unfortunately I don’t have an iPhone 5, otherwise I’d be all over the VapeCase by now, but fortunately they are releasing more cases to fit other popular phone brands, such as Samsung, and we will be sure to get those in as soon as they are available!

Getting your shot at winning one of these giveaways is super easy, simply join the EZVapes community and you will then be eligible for these giveaways and all our future vaporizer giveaways, of which there will be many for sure! You also will receive our weekly vaporizer newsletter that is always worth a look since it has tons of great pics of new products, vaporizer reviews, and even an unadvertised deal or discount here and there! Definitely your best way to stay up to date on what’s going on at EZVapes.

Last month we took the daily e-juice giveaways and injected some new life into them by throwing in a vape pen cartridge here and there. It brought all new life to the giveaways so we will be continuing that into the new year! All your favorite e-liquid brands like NicQuid and White Rhino will be represented, while all the popular carts from powerhouses like Kanger, eDab and Innokin will be going up for grabs as well!

To celebrate thew new year we are also offering 15% off ALL vaporizers sitewide! Simply use the coupon code “2014” at checkout and your savings will instantly appear in the cart. I know with the new year I’m looking to pick up a new vape pen for my e-juice, definitely been thinking about the Liquid Mini because the size is so insanely convenient!

We are known for spontaneously running giveaways and special deals, so be sure you follow us on FacebookInstagram, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter so you don’t miss out on any! We update on a daily basis with some fun stuff and of course love interacting with all of you on there, so if you haven’t joined us yet please do!

We’re ringing in the new year with an onslaught of great vape giveaways, but is there a particular prize you have your eye on? You know EZVapes’ new year’s resolution: “Get the vaporizers to the people.” but what is your resolution this year? Let us know in the comments!


  1. housewifeinthemidwest says

    I’m just making the resolution to get healthier now that I’m not smoking.

  2. William Throop says

    Great looking Vapes, hope to win and help Vaporize the World

  3. Alejandro López Basulto says

    As I can enter competitions?

  4. I’m trying to win to help a friend who can’t enjoy good smoke when visiting without coughing and gaging because his lungs are in very bad shape and I can’t afford to go out and buy a fine vaporizer because my income is only Social Security Disability

  5. Jared broussard says

    Hey man it’s jared thanks for the two screens you sent me I love nothing you can’t get on ezvapes,i got me a 20 dollar ecig from a store in my town I’m never buying anything else from any one but you, I really need a good vaperiver that does oil and herb ,the vaperblunt I bought from you works great for certain herbs but not the really good stuff and that’s about the only thing I vape.the Helios seems awesome love to get one or and vap that does oil and herb.thanks have a great day,Jared
    The wort thing is I just lost my job because I hurt my back.

  6. I need a vaporizer but hard to decide what kind.Any sugestions?

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