Sharing The Love: E-Juice A Day Giveaways!

EZVapes Facebook Sharing Contest

UPDATE: We have decided to continue our daily e-juice giveaways through November! Get involved here!

We have been getting some great prizes in the hands of our loyal Facebook friends every week. Well, lucky for you, we felt once a week just wasn’t enough.

Starting today and lasting through the entire month of August we will be giving away one bottle of e-juice every day Monday through Friday. That’s 5 bottles of e-juice a week going out to 5 different winners. So if you haven’t won anything yet your chances just skyrocketed!

We’ll be giving away bottles of e-juice from all the top brands, including NicQuid e-juice and White Rhino Brand. We have over 80 different flavors to choose from, so you can bet your head will be spinning with different options.

You have traditional flavors like tobacco and menthol, but there are also some that will make your mouth water just by reading the name. Maraschino Blast. Pomegranate. Strawnana Smoothie. Orange Dreamsicle. I could go on for days! Some maraschino blast out of my vape pen has literally become my dessert after every meal.

How it works: First off, make sure you like us on Facebook. Then on the day of the giveaways we will post a picture of the prize up for grabs on our Facebook wall, anyone who shares that picture using Facebook’s share option will automatically be entered for the giveaway until we call it off. Each fan who shared the photo will be assigned a number. We will then use a random number generator to pick the winner from those who played! The winner will be announced on FB that day and just has to respond with their mailing address to get the goods! Easy right? But you have to be in it to win it!

This just ramps up the excitement with how wild it has been doing our weekly drawings for our newsletter subscribers every week. If you aren’t part of our tight knit group, why don’t you join us by clicking here? The newsletter keeps your finger on the pulse of the vaporizer community and all the new happenings at EZVapes.

So in summation, for those counting at home, this gives you a minimum of 6 chances every week to snag a prize! The odds have never been more in your favor. Do you already have a favorite flavor? Have you thought of a flavor you love but haven’t seen it made into an e-juice? Sound off in the comments below and let us know!

First time visiting us? Read all about our giveaways here.


  1. Thank you for all of the contests! They are awesome! 😀

  2. Richard J Corkum says

    love it

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