Shoot For The Stars: Atmos Vape Giveaways All Month!

Now that the weather is warming up and the skies are clearing you can get awesome views of the stars in the night sky. Got us to thinking of one of our favorite vape brands out there, Atmos!

This month we’ll be giving out a different Atmos vape each week, leading up to one of Atmos’ brand new gems they just recently released. Here’s what we got going on this month:

May 8th: Atmos Dart

May 15th: Atmos R2

May 22nd: Atmos Orbit

May 29th: Atmos Vicod

Atmos has cornered the vape pen market for quite some time now, constantly releasing new vapes and new models of their vapes that just keep getting better and better.

After recently cracking the code of the dry herb vape pen you would think they might take a brief hiatus and bask in their success, but they have done just the opposite, still cranking out the best of the best when it comes to vape pens.


The Atmos Dart comes ready to handle both waxy concentrates and e-juice. But what separates it from other vapes that do the same is that it also comes with two separate tanks right out of the box, one for each material. So instead of having to clean the tanks between use each time you switch material you can simply switch tanks.

The body of the Dart has smooth curves that contour the hand for a really easy grip, making drops far less frequent and extended sessions as comfortable as can be. Truly a great travel vape for when you need a quick session.

Atmos R2


Continuing with the dual function theme, the Atmos R2 is designed to handle your dry herbs and waxy concentrates. The new anodized heating chamber provides 360° airflow that makes pulling on this vape a breeze and evenly heats the material at all angles.

Despite its powerful features, the R2 still comes in a nice pocket size perfect for travel. The rubber mouthpiece on top sits on a chamber connector that ensures your material stays in the chamber and you don’t have to deal with any breaking through to the mouthpiece. We’ve all been there before and no one likes it.

Atmos Orbit


The Atmos Orbit is nothing short of a trailblazer. This was the vape that Atmos smashed the myth of vaping dry herbs in a pen. Finally, a pen that truly vaporizes dry herbs and does not burn them in the slightest.

Using a one of a kind ceramic heating chamber with an embedded heating element inside designed specifically for the Orbit, you get nothing but pure, delicious vapor from this pen sized vaporizer. The Orbit will change everything you think you know about portable vaping.

Atmos Vicod


And now for the grand finale, the just released Atmos Vicod. The Vicod is a small portable vape that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and uses a smart OLED display with advanced temperature settings ranging anywhere from 350° F to 430° F so you can find your comfort level while vaping.

Using a high grade stainless steel heating chamber, the Vicod will give you true vapor from your dry herbs. The 2200 mAh battery is an absolute monster, easily keeping the Vicod charged through an entire day of vigorous vaping.

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So which Atmos vape has caught your attention? Which one could you see yourself puffing on under the summer stars? Let us know in the comments!

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