Final Countdown: Last 3 October Winners Selected!

Here we are, the 4th and final week of the October giveaways. Already! Time as always is absolutely flying by, so before we get a brand spankin’ new month of giveaways started let’s get these remaining prizes in the hands of some winners! [Read more…]

Atmos Junior Vaporizer Review

Atmos has been one of the leaders when it comes to pen style vaporizers. They have a wide selection that enables the customer to find the pen that suits their style, needs and even price range. Their newest effort, the Atmos Junior, looks to do what you’ve seen quite often lately; take a very popular product and make it more compact, portable and convenient. Did they succeed? Let’s find out. [Read more…]

October Vaporizer Giveaways So Huge It’s Frightening!

EZVapes October Vaporizer Giveaways

UPDATE: These giveaways have come to a close, check out our November giveaways!

We here at EZVapes are turning the spookiest month of the calendar year on its head with some absolutely¬†awesome giveaways! No tricks here, only treats as we give out some of the best vapes available! [Read more…]