Delta9 Extract Cartridge Mouthpiece


Vaporizer mouthpieces should be changed every so often for hygienic reasons, especially if you vape with friends. Grab this pack of 6 silicone Delta9 replacement mouthpieces and slip one on you Omicron, O-Phos or Persei before your next vape…

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Hot Box Regular Whip Kit


The Regular whip kit for the Hot Box vaporizer is a great tool for those looking to get a basic replacement for their whip vaporizer. This regular whip kit features a Pyrex connection that is durable against heat and most small drops.


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Hot Box Heater Cover


Did you crack your heater cover or lose it while cleaning? Just grab the official Hot Box heater cover and you're ready to keep the vapor flowing.


– 1 x Hot Box Heater Cover

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