Vapir Prima


The Vapir Prima is a super compact dry herb and waxy concentrate portable vaporizer. The Prima features a quick one minute heat up time, four pre-set temperature levels ranging of 350°F-400°F, and a removable lithium cell,…

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Atmos Optimus V2


The Optimus V2 vaporizer by Atmos RX has a unique comfort grip design that brings a relaxed feel and stylish look to e-liquid vaporizing. With this vape pen you can vape e-juices on the go with the push of a button.

The chamber for your…

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Atmos Rx Wall Charging Adapter


Charge up your Atmos vaporizer pen battery in any regular wall outlet with this authentic Atmos Rx USB to AC power adapter.

Connect your battery to a USB charger as usual and then plug the USB end into this adapter and you are ready to…

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