All Natural Glass Cleaner: Kleen Green Gold

Cleaning out your vaporizer of tobacco pipe can be a serious pain, especially the glass parts. They usually require a ton of attention and some type of cleaning solvent and picking the right solvent is very important. Kleen Green Gold is a cleaner that is quickly becoming a go to for many, using a scientific breakthrough to deliver a 100% all natural and non-toxic cleaner. [Read more…]

VapeTool Kit

Tired of having to become MacGyver to clean your vaporizer? Enter the VapeTool Kit, a handy little collection of four separate vaporizer tools that are double sided with different heads perfect for cleaning any type of herb chamber you can imagine. Each vaporizer tool has a durable stainless steel design and rubber surface on the middle so you don’t lose grip easily while cleaning or scraping your vaporizer chamber.

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