At A Glance: Airistech Headbanger Kit

The Airis Headbanger Kit is a unique, portable dip or dab concentrate vaporizer with built in water filtration and a host of other useful features.

The rig-style Headbanger includes a dip style quartz coil that functions as an electric nectar collector, and a standard fritted quartz dish coil that you load from the top.

Combined with on-board storage for your concentrates, 3 power levels, and a beefy 1500mAh battery, the Headbanger by Airis is a solid solution for your concentrates, especially for the price.

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At A Glance: Longmada CPENAIL Kit

What the Longmada CPENAIL Kit lacks in flash or name notoriety it makes up for with true, reliable rig level performance, easily replaceable and affordable parts, and customization options.

The CPENAIL e-rig can heat to over 700′ in just a few seconds, and comes complete with 3 types of nail (ceramic, titanium, and quartz), 1100mAh battery, and choice of 2 types of water filtration tool in the box (standard or recycler).

Type A: Standard Glass
Type B: Recycler Glass

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Buyer’s Guide: Vivant Dabox Pro Kit

The newly released Vivant Dabox Pro Kit is a top choice in cutting edge portable dab rigs, and the perfect gift for the concentrate enthusiast that has everything.

The feature-loaded Dabox Pro features a whopping 2000mAh internal battery, LED screen with temp controls and battery life, plus a built in water filtration tool.

The Dabox Pro’s trademark swing-open door allows for easy loading and swapping any of the various coil types with ease, including the new quartz coilless Dabox Firecore coil (included).

Perhaps best of all, the Dabox Pro by Vivant remains pocketable, and can easily be enjoyed at home or on the go. Its premium construction and durable design will have you enjoying your concentrates on demand and for many moons to come.

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