Delta9 Extract Cartridge Mouthpiece


Vaporizer mouthpieces should be changed every so often for hygienic reasons, especially if you vape with friends. Grab this pack of 6 silicone Delta9 replacement mouthpieces and slip one on you Omicron, O-Phos or Persei before your next vape…

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Hot Box Regular Whip Kit


The Regular whip kit for the Hot Box vaporizer is a great tool for those looking to get a basic replacement for their whip vaporizer. This regular whip kit features a Pyrex connection that is durable against heat and most small drops.


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Da Buddha Heater Cover


If you have lost or damaged your original glass heater cover for your Da Buddha vaporizer then this replacement cover is a must have. This is an official replacement cover for Da Buddha vaporizer and is exactly like the one that comes packaged…

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