Fumo Pipe On Sale

The Fumo Pipe is quickly gaining momentum as one of the go to pipes for anyone who needs something that is ultra portable, but doesn’t sacrifice when it comes to durability, efficiency and ease of use. Now at EZVapes we are running a special sale on this wonderful little device. [Read more…]

New Fumo Pipe Bling Series

If there is one thing everyone loves, it is color and design options when purchasing a new piece. Whether it be a variation choice like the Easy Valve and Solid Valve like with the Volcano, or just a multitude of color options like with the Incredibowl m420, having those options available is always a plus. [Read more…]

Fumo Pipe Now Comes in Purple

For all you Barney the Dinosaur enthusiasts out there!

Perhaps theĀ biggest competitor to the Incredibowl, the Fumo Pipe has mostly flown under the radar but is quickly picking up steam. Evidence of that is their commitment to new and exciting Fumo Pipe accessories and now they are adding new colors to the mix. [Read more…]