Lotus J Hook Kit


One of the most popular vaporizer pipes is now available with an all glass vapor tube and is known as the Lotus J Hook Kit. This portable vaporizer is powered by a butane torch lighter and heats up within seconds to vaporize your dry herbs almost…

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Vaportini Complete Kit


Turn your next cocktail into a full on vapor experience with the Vaportini spirit and alcohol vaporizer.

Just light the small candle, fill the glass globe with an ounce of your favorite spirit, place the globe on the base, and after about 5…

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HELOS-G Advanced Glass Globe Cartridge Set


The HELOS-G from eDab is a premium waxy oil cartridge with a unique one piece all glass dome and airway path. The HELOS-G not only looks cutting edge with its refined design and laser etched logo on base; but is also durable, efficient, and easy…

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