HerbalAire High Output System


Want to fill your HerbalAire balloons even quicker? Hook up this high powered pump to your HerbalAire vaporizer and fill your balloons in as little as 20 seconds or use the three bag adapter to fill up 3 balloons at the same time in one…

Link – HerbalAire High Output System

HerbalAire Replacement Bag Set


You should occasionally replace your HerbalAire balloons and mouthpieces for hygienic reasons and to assure continued optimum vapor quality. This official HerbalAire bag set includes everything you need to keep your vaporizer sessions…

Follow this link – HerbalAire Replacement Bag Set

HerbalAire 3 Bag Mouthpiece Set


Beef up your HerbalAire vapor sessions with this 3 bag mouthpiece adapter. Just place the 3 point nozzle over the HerbalAire's vapor chamber and your are ready to fill 3 bags with vapor at the same…

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