DaVinci Wall Charger


This is the official wall charger for the DaVinci vaporizer. Makes a perfect replacement if you have lost the original AC adapter that comes included with the DaVinci or if you just want a spare.


– DaVinci…

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Atmos Lanyard Necklace


This Atmos lanyard fits around your Atmos vaporizer and sits comfortably around your neck so your vape is never out of reach. The quick clip allows for quick attaching and detaching of your pen when you're ready to store it…

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Delta9 Extract Cartridge Mouthpiece


Vaporizer mouthpieces should be changed every so often for hygienic reasons, especially if you vape with friends. Grab this pack of 6 silicone Delta9 replacement mouthpieces and slip one on you Omicron, O-Phos or Persei before your next vape…

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