Two Winners For Week Two!

We had a last minute prize claimed, but even with the O-Phos off the board we still have two amazing prizes up for grabs! [Read more…]

EZVapes November Thanksgiveaways!

UPDATE: These giveaways have come to a close, but check out our holiday vaporizer giveaways for December!

November is a time to give thanks. A time to let those around you that you are thankful for them and what they contribute to your life. Well, EZVapes is VERY thankful for our loyal friends and fans, so we are showing our thanks by giving you what has to be the best set of giveaways EVER! [Read more…]

Three Winners Picked To Begin August, Are You One Of Them?

August Giveaways Week One

August is here and we have not one, not two, but three heavyweight prizes going out! [Read more…]