August Giveaways Halfway Point: Two Winners Picked!

We are officially halfway through the August giveaways and boy do we have some awesome prizes going out today! [Read more…]

Bigger Is Better: Awesome August Giveaways Announced!

EZVapes August Giveaways

Just when you thought the giveaways couldn’t possibly get any better, we are kicking off our biggest giveaway month yet in August! [Read more…]

New And Improved Magical Butter

Magical Butter

Late last year we introduced you to the Magical Butter, an innovative and convenient way to extract essential ingredients from your material to make compounds for baking with. Despite it already being easy to use, the guys at Magical Butter were not satisfied and have released a new version of the Magical Butter that makes it even easier than before. [Read more…]