Pinnacle Pro DLX Hard Shell Sports Case Set


Take the ultra portable Pinnacle Pro vaporizer for dry herbs and concentrates, add in the Micro Shower water filtration tool for superior vapor quality, and combine them with a custom case designed specifically to hold your vaporizer and its…

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Pulsar Stylus


The Pulsar Stylus is an awesome personal oil vaporizer with several features that make it stick out in a crowd of re-branded vape pens. With the Stylus you get personalized control over your vapor density as well as a clear view on your liquid…

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Joyetech eGo-C Starter Kit



Joyetech is the company that created the original vape pen design. All of the countless generic pen vaporizer and electronic cigarette copycats have been modeling their designs from Joyetech's remarkable technology for years. That's…

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