An Orphan No More, The micro G Pen Has Been Claimed!

Who would have thought it would be so hard to give something this awesome away for free? No worry, the micro G Pen is finally on its way to its lovely, caring new home. [Read more…]

May The Giveaways Begin: 3 Winners Selected!

The first week of a new set of giveaways is always the most exciting, especially since we still have two leftover prizes from past giveaways. So lets get things started, shall we? [Read more…]

It’s That Time Again, 4 More Winners Picked!

This is complete madness. Here we are wrapping up another crazy month of giveaways and we still have one of our prizes from last month and three(!!!) giveaways still left from this month! As promised, we’ve drawn winners for all four prizes and contacted the winners moment ago. [Read more…]