First Look: Vapir Rise

Vapir Rise

Vapir has been a leader in vaporizing for quite some time now thanks to their early trailblazing with the Vapir NO2, which still sells at a rapid pace today. Now after a pretty long vacation, Vapir is back to show everyone what’s what with their first table top vaporizer, the Vapir Rise. [Read more…]

Pre-Order Now: The Ascent Portable Vaporizer

Ascent Portable Vaporizer

Recently we gave you a brief introduction to the Ascent vaporizer, well now it is almost time to get your hands on one of these portable beauties. [Read more…]

First Look: The Ascent Vaporizer

Ascent Vaporizer

The DaVinci vaporizer first took everyone by storm with its small size, digital temperature display, and the ability to vaporize herbs as well as oils and concentrates. It may look like a walkie-talkie, but its performance is not easily matched. Now they are getting ready to turn heads again with the Ascent vaporizer. [Read more…]