Electric Tobacco Shredder


This Electric Tobacco Shredder and cut converter is the perfect tool for getting the desired consistency of your blend. The design implements special teeth to but large bulk amount of loose leaf herb or tobacco, you can even mix materials if you…

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SLiK non STiK Concentrate Jar Set


The days of wasting your money are long gone with the SLiKnonSTik stackable jars from SToK. With other jars, you can lose up to 10% of your product in the corners alone, not to mention what is getting stuck to the sides. SLiK concentrate jars…

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SLiK non STiK Concentrate Jar


Storing your concentrates in the wrong jar can cost you up to 10% of stash. It gets cought in the corners or stuck to the side and ultimately ends up in the trash. Quit throwing away precious concentrates and money and grab a SLiKnonSTik storage…

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