The Vmod Battery from VAPMOD is an advanced cartridge battery/kit for concentrates that packs some impressive features in a small and affordable package.

With every kit you have the V-mod battery with USB charging cable….

Link – VAPMOD V-mod

Metro Lyte Pipe


The Lyte Metro Pipe is the new and improved Metro smoking device from High Tech Pipes that is ultra compact, durable and convenient.

Just like the original is made from a tough anodized aluminum construction that was…

Link – Metro Lyte Pipe

Grindaball Acrylic Grinder


The Grindaballs from Herby's Twist are affordable two part magnetic ball shaped grinders made available in unique/colorful designs and transparent color options.

Each of these compact 3 piece grinders have two layers of…

More here – Grindaball Acrylic Grinder