Annual 420 Sale 2022 Starts Now: 15% Off Sitewide

It’s that time of year again, and as usual, good ol’ uncle EZVapes has some smokin’ deals in store!

For starters, get 15% off sitewide, no promo code or min. purchase required. Just add items to cart to get your discount. (Storz & Bickel excluded.)

This promotion is valid on any category, so you can mix and match items to your heart’s desire! You might even be able to ferret out a hidden bonus item if you’re lucky. 😉

Shop the newest devices for concentrates and dry material and stock up on glass pieces, smoking accessories, and much more, including many new arrivals!

And don’t forget, you’ll even get fast, free shipping when you spend $99+ AND delivery in time for your fesitivities. So grab some fresh new gear on the cheap, party up, and above all have a danktastic 4/20 Holiday!

Earn Free Stuff

You may be familiar with our giveaways we do each and every week, but if you are looking for some free swag and don’t want to leave it up to lady luck we’ve got you covered! We want to give you the chance to earn some quick and easy free gear in some fun and interesting ways. Don’t worry, we won’t make you do any “Fear Factor” type challenges to earn stuff, just help us spread the word about EZVapes and about vaporizing in general. Here’s what you can earn and how to earn it: EZVapes Decal EZVapes All-Weather Decal These extremely durable all-weather decals can take anything Mother Nature can throw its way. In fact, each of these super premium stickers has 4 coats of ink plus 3 coats of UV protection and can last a minimum of 3-5 years outdoors! One of these rugged decals even survived a direct hit from “superstorm” Sandy last year with absolutely no signs of wear and tear.

  • How To Earn It:
  1. Simply review a product on that you have personal experience with, good or bad. Let others know what you think of the product, pros and cons, and help others who may consider buying it. Reviews that are fake, make no sense, or are just a word or two (fragmented sentence) will not be considered valid for the purpose of this promotion.
  2. Once your review is submitted, contact us and mention the product reviewed, email address you used, and your delivery address. We will verify it and send your new sticker out right away!

EZVapes Rewritable Storage Jar EZVapes Airtight Rewritable Storage Jar Our airtight jars with rewritable surface on top to mark the contents are a customer favorite. The thick glass avoids easy breakage and our full color logo printed on the front gives it some flair and style. Whether you got an EZVapes sticker from an order with us, or by reviewing a product on the site, once you have it you can earn yourself a free jar!

  • How To Earn It: Snap a pic of your EZVapes sticker somewhere out in the wild. On your car’s bumper, the bottom of your skateboard, anywhere you want – then send it over to us here (use password ezv2013). Let your creativity shine because we may also be giving away prizes from time to time for the most creative use of the sticker from the images we receive! 😉

Hint: Don’t try to play it, it isn’t a real video 😉

$50 Virtual Gift Card Just as good as cash! Use this $50 gift card on anything you want on the website, from something small like a dabber to something big like the Volcano vape, you can immediately save $50! (Excluding shipping if applicable)

  • How To Earn It:
  1. Do a video review of a product that you purchased from EZVapes (must be a previous customer) and upload it to YouTube. Let everyone know the ins and outs of the product and what you liked and didn’t like, ultimately you want the viewer to leave informed on the product and why they should or should not purchase it. In the written video description you must include a link to EZVapes, either to the home page or to the product page of the item you are reviewing, or better yet both! Any fake reviews, reviews under 1 minute, or reviews of products NOT purchased at EZVapes will not be considered.
  2. Once your review is uploaded to YouTube, contact us and mention the product reviewed, include a link to the video, and the order number you received when ordering that product from EZVapes. We will verify your video meets the criteria and once approved we will generate your virtual gift card code and email it to you ASAP!

So there you have it, get in gear and start earning some free stuff from EZVapes! Be sure to watch this page, we will be continually adding more ways to get the goods!