Facebook Giveaways: Win New Concentrate Tools Each Week

Concentrate Tools Giveaways

We just recently announced our newest giveaways for the months of June and July with 8 vape pens going out, one each week. But why stop there? [Read more…]

New Products Spotlight: Tools To Help You Concentrate

Concentrate Tools

With the rapidly increasing popularity of oils and concentrates it is only natural that there be products coming out daily to help you make the process of vaporizing your essential oils and botanical concentrates easier. Much easier. [Read more…]

First Look: SLiKnonSTiK Concentrate Jars

Our buddies at SToK USA have delivered a number of items to the masses that have changed the way we use oil vaporizers, such as the F5 Funnel Cloud cartridge. This, however, may be our new favorite, the SLiKnonSTiK storage jar made specifically for botanical concentrates. [Read more…]