Tobacco SToK E-Juice


Get that lovely tobacco flavor you crave with SToK USA's tobacco flavored e-juice. If you aren't one for fancy flavors, the tobacco flavor will remind you of your favorite brand with a smooth finish. As SToK's name implies, all their…

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Menthol SToK E-Juice


If you enjoy menthol flavor then you will enjoy the N-Type Menthol e-juice from SToK USA. Taste the lively pleasure of the fresh green mint in every puff. All of the SToK e-liquids are made with kosher grade ingredients that are mixed and…

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Pineapple Energy SToK E-Juice


Puff on the flavor of ripe pineapple while you get your energy fix with SToK USA's NRG blend. Take a few puffs of the pineapple flavored e-juice and experience an energizing boost unlike any other. SToK' NRG blend is bottled in the…

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