Airistech Q1 Dip Coils 5 Pack


The Q1 Dip Coils from Airistech perfectly replace the original Touch Atomizers included with each of their Headbanger Vaporizer Kits.

These cutting-edge coils for concentrates use a fritted glass quartz design housed within…

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Airistech Herbva Viva


The Herbva Viva by the company Airistech is an ultra slim, compact and lightweight vaporizer that will make your life on the go easier than ever before.

Measuring in 5 inches long, just over an inch wide and thick, the…

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Airistech Q2 Dab Coil 5 Pack


The Q2 Dab Coils from Airistech are genuine replacement atomizers made for use with the Headbanger and Q-Tip Concentrate Vaporizers from the same brand.

These cutting-edge heating chambers sport a premium quality…

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