At A Glance: Yocan Loaded Wax Pen

The Loaded is one of Yocan’s newest full-size wax pens, building upon their massively successful Evolve series.

This beast of a vape pen features a powerful, long-lasting 1400mAh battery, both dual and quad quartz coils, built in concentrate storage, and a unique swing-open door to make loading your concentrates as easy as can be.

Available in 4 vivid colors, the Loaded pen is a notable addition to Yocan’s ever-growing range of devices for concentrates, and one of the best options in its class. Use your choice of dual or quad quartz coils to suit your personal preference.

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At A Glance: Airis Q-Tip Wax Pen

The new & improved Q-Tip by Airistech is a standard size vape pen offering affordable low-temp concentrate vaporizing.

The Q-Tip utilizes a unique fritted quartz coil for great taste and a generous 650mAh capacity for long battery life.

The Q-Tip comes in a range of attractive colors, and an extra Q2 quartz coil is included in the box to keep you vaporizing interrupted.

For the best possible experience, cycle the Q-Tip once to preheat, and then as needed during use to help build heat for optimal results.

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The Itsuwa Ultraflo: Next Gen Concentrate Pod Kit

The Itsuwa Ultraflo Primestiq pod kit is an advanced device that utilizes closed system ceramic concentrate pods and includes everything you’ll need to fill and use your own oil pods (2 included). Pick one up today at
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