The Airis Qute Cartridge For Waxy Concentrates On The Go

The Qute cartridge utilizes Airistech’s patented Q-cell quartz technology for vaporizing waxy concentrates. It is a replacement for the Airis Qute vaporizer but can also fit other pen-style batteries and devices that can accommodate its 11.2mm diameter. Pick up this versatile wax cartridge and replacement Qute coils at
Pick up the Qute cartridge and replacement Q-Cell coils at Fits most 510 threaded batteries with an opening 11.2mm or wider to vape waxy concentrates on the go. #ezvapes #vtw #vapetheworld #waxycartridge #waxcartridge #cart #carts #cartridges #710cartridge #710cart #oilvape
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The Airis MW: 2in1 Pod Vape for Concentrates

Looking for a two-in-one vape pen-style device designed for use with both thin oil and thick concentrated pods? Your search ends here!

The Airis MW Kit is a unique 420mAh concentrate vaporizer that includes 2 different style pods in the box: one for oils and one for thick or waxy concentrates. Now in-stock at
New Airis MW is a 420mAh battery that can be used with both thin oil and thick concentrated pods. #ezvapes #vtw #vapetheworld #podvape #podvaporizer#podbattery #vape #vapes #vaporizer #710vape #710vaporizer #710battery
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Original HELOS Replacement eNails


It is recommended to change your atomizer every few months to assure continued optimum performance from your pen style vaporizer. Keep your HELOS cartridge vaporizing waxes and oils like new with these replacement eNail atomizers from…

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