Thanksgiveaway Wrap Up: 2 Winners Selected!

Did everyone have a great Thanksgiving? I literally had a hangover just from how much food I ate! With crazy Black Friday deals abound we have to pull you away shortly to hopefully get you the ultimate Black Friday deal, a free vape!

The Arizer Solo up for grabs last week is now with its new owner Jeffrey D. from California. We are sure Jeffrey is probably recovering from Thanksgiving with his new vape right now! Unfortunately the Vapir Rise went unclaimed, so hopefully this week we find it a loving new home for the holidays!

I’ve been using my Rise vaporizer for a few months now and it has really become my go to when vaping at home. If you vape often with friends and play the musical chairs game every time it is someone’s turn the Vapir Rise multi-user adapter completely changes things up. Now up to 4 people can vape at any given time, super convenient.

Also up for grabs in the final week of the Thanksgiveaways is the grand prize, the HELOS Deluxe Kit by eDab! The HELOS has hit the ground running since its release just a short time ago, getting rave reviews for how well it works with waxy concentrates. It’s like having your full oil rig set up with you on the go!

Go ahead and check your email inbox for an email from us letting you know that you are one of the two lucky winners. Be sure you check each and every folder in your email so you don’t miss the message! You only have a week to respond so be extra careful when checking. If you did win, email us back your shipping information and your new vape will be at your door before you know it!

If you weren’t lucky enough to take home one of these prizes don’t fret, we still have another giveaway to take care of. Over on our Facebook page we’ll be continuing our daily e-juice giveaways and we might even do something special to cap off the month, so make sure you don’t miss it! Just look for when we post the image of the e-juice on our page and follow the easy directions.

All through this weekend we have our Black Friday and Cyber Monday mega deal going on, saving you 20% OFF SITE WIDE until 12AM on Tuesday December 3rd! Simply use the coupon code “EZVAPES” at checkout and update the cart to witness some serious savings. Make sure you have already joined the EZVapes community to not only be eligible for our giveaways, but also to receive unadvertised coupons. There are certain to be a ton of them with the holidays fast approaching!

This week ends our November Thansgiveaways, but that only means we have more giveaways coming up! It isn’t any old month coming up, we are pulling out all the stops for the holidays and are truly aiming to make your jaw drop when you see what we have got in store for you.

In the comments below share with us any fun Thanksgiving stories or maybe even some crazy Black Friday shopping stories you’ve seen or heard. Everyone see the ladies in Walmart have it out over a TV? Complete pandemonium! Have a great weekend everyone!

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