The 710 Kan: Just Dab It!

710 Kan

Looking for that premium titanium nail dab experience away from home, but don’t want to lug your whole set up around? Well the 710 Kan is here to answer your prayers.

The 710 Kan certainly isn’t the most portable thing you’ve ever seen, measuring about 5 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter, but it allows a pure titanium nail dab experience without carrying around your whole rig you have at home.

The titanium nail is heated with a butane torch just as usual, but from there you screw the top of the 710 Kan back on and insert the supplied dabber with your concentrate dabbed on the end into the side of the Kan and drop it on the nail. The 710 Kan quickly fills with thick vapor and then you simply pull from the mouthpiece on the top of the 710 Kan and enjoy.

Inside the 710 Kan portable dabber is a space to hold the dabber while traveling, while the nail and its base easily pop out from the bottom so you can clean it quickly and easily. This is hands down the best portable option when you know a vape pen just won’t cut it.

The 710 Kan is old school meets new school, once you give it a try you’ll never have to worry about carrying that huge rig around with you when hitting the road.

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