Now In Stock: The Journey2

The Journey Pipe took everyone by storm when it was first released, this small pipe didn’t look like much, but once you really dove into the features you found that this tobacco pipe had much more under the hood than you might imagine.

For those not familiar with the original Journey Pipe, it is a small portable pipe that makes the one thing you absolutely can’t stand about most pipes, cleaning, as quick and easy as possible. Since the Journey Pipe is held together by magnets you can easily snap the pieces apart and from there you simply wipe the pieces clean, since the zinc alloy design will not allow used material to cling to it.

With the Journey2 you still have all these same great benefits, but with some great additions and improvements as well. One major problem with the original Journey Pipe was there were multiple magnets in the same spot to hold the lid on and this sometimes led to one or more of them falling out. Now they have replaced that with one powerful magnet, so it won’t fall out and you still get the same great magnetic hold.

The Journey2 pulls apart so you can quickly and easily clean it.

The carrying case has seen a huge improvement over the older model as well. This new shock proof carrying case has a a dedicated spot to fit your Journey Pipe 2, as well as any standard lighter. This way you will have everything you need all stored in one neat place whether you are at home or on the go.

Another great feature on the Journey2 is the fact that it is impossible to clog. It uses a permanent filter that never has to be replaced, going with the theme of easy cleaning especially since cleaning out a clogged pipe is possibly the most tedious of them all. Also the zinc alloy design will stay cool to the touch at all times, even directly after lighting it.

The Journey2 took an already great product and made improvements that you simply can’t ignore. Head over to for more info on this great pipe.


  1. Do you light the bottom of the bowl?

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