The Pinnacle Of Portable Vaporizing?

Pinnacle Vaporizer

The guys at VaporBLUNT are at it again. After recently releasing the impressive VaporBLUNT 2.0, they now have another portable vaporizer that is even smaller, the Pinnacle.

At only 1″ in diameter and 6″ long, the Pinnacle vape instantly becomes one of the smallest portable vaporizers on the market that doesn’t use a flame to vaporize. The one button operation is super simple, and familiar if you ever owned the original VaporBLUNT. You have the standard mode around 370° F and the boost mode that cranks it up to 390° F.

The body is made of a high impact resistant plastic and the battery life lasts up to 50 minutes, combine that with the size and you have a portable vape that is perfect to throw in your pocket and hit the road.

Best of all, your material is loaded into a basket with a screen at the bottom first, before entering the heating chamber. So when you are done the basket slides right out with no problem at all for quick and easy cleaning. A far cry from the screen designs on the VaporBLUNT models.

Have we reached the pinnacle of portable vaporizing with the Pinnacle vaporizer? We’ll be giving our full opinion next week in our vaporizer review, but for now you tell us.

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