The Plenty Vape Has A New Home

Plenty Vaporizer

The 4/20 giveaway grand prize has officially been claimed! Moments after sending out the winner emails we received a response and the brand new Plenty is now on its way to its new home.

Big congratulations go out to Frank H. of Tennessee, our lucky winner and now owner of one of the best vaporizers out there today. If only one prize was claimed out of this entire month, we are glad it is the grand prize.

Which brings us to the other giveaways. With only the Plenty off the board from last week, that leaves us with the micro G (this little guy is like the last kid picked in gym class at this point), two Prometheus Pockets, and replacing the Plenty will be the last giveaway prize for this month, another Prometheus Titan.

As usual, there is always the chance of one of these giveaway winners emailing us back throughout the week (and if they do you will of course find out here), but since we have started doing this we have heard back from a winner mid-week only once. So the chances are good we’ll be giving out everything mentioned above. So, as always, make sure you are signed up for our newsletter to become eligible.

We do have a plan for these lonely giveaways that are still trying to find a home and our most active fans will have a definite leg up on the competition, so stay tuned.

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