The Zephyr ION Has Landed!

Zephyr ION Vaporizer

After a long vacation, one of the most popular vaporizers out there has made its triumphant return, the Zephyr ION!

The Zephyr ION is a table top vaporizer that specializes in balloon inflation in particular, instead of dual functionality it focuses on one form of delivery and makes sure it does it right. In addition, the HUGE digital temperature display makes finding and setting your optimal vaporizing temperature as simple as can be.

Once you set your temperature by using the plus and minus buttons under the digital display, all you have to do to begin filling your vapor balloons is press the fan button and you will see your vapor bag begin to fill instantly. The high quality bag material makes these balloons last a long time and stay clean without the need for replacement. Feeling adventurous? Add the 12ft Zephyr ION Balloons for an insane experience.

Stay tuned for a full Zephyr ION vaporizer review coming early next week, until then get your orders in now because who knows how long these awesome vaporizers will be available.

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