Three New Vaporizer Winners Selected!

We’re trudging along headed full steam towards summer and it is time to get some new herb vapes in the hands of some winners!

Last week we had one winner claim their prize, so congrats goes out to Stephen M. from Texas on taking home a brand spankin’ new HELOS Mini Double Kit. Enjoy that new vape Stephen, it is one of the best portable wax vapes available for sure.

With only one winner claiming their prize that means the new prize this week slides right in and gives us three winners once again.

First up we have our lone prize from last month remaining, the Kanger E-Smart kit. The Kanger E-Smart comes with two full vape pens out of the box that are super slim and incredibly easy to use and carry with you. With two pens you can even give your friend, significant other, family member etc the little nudge they need to get started vaping!

Next you have the customer favorite Dube XS vaporizer that not only works great with essential oils and concentrates, but was redesigned to work with dry material as well. The improved screen design made a huge difference between the original Dube and the new Dube XS and the results show that.

The Baker vaporizer, the grand prize this month, is back in stock!

The Baker vaporizer, the grand prize this month, is back in stock!

And the new prize this week is none other than the original VaporBLUNT! The VB was my go to vape for a very long time and I still have it to this day, even after picking up next week’s prize, the VB2. The one button operation, fast heat up time, and efficient heater all combine to deliver one of the best portable vapes you’ve tried.

Now is the time to check your email inbox for a message from us letting you know you are one of our lucky winners. If you won all you have to do is simply respond to the email with where you want the prize shipped and we’ll have it on its merry way in no time.

Not in on the giveaways? It couldn’t be easier to throw your hat in the ring for a free vape, simply join the EZVapes community and you are automatically entered. You’ll even get our weekly vaporizer newsletter that takes a look at what’s new and notable, as well as some good reviews and pic of products.

Don’t forget that all month long we have a huge sale on vapes for dry herbs! You can get 15% off any vape for dry herbs by using the coupon code “HERB” at checkout. This includes the just back in stock Baker vaporizer, hands down one of the best table top vapes out there.

That wraps up week two of our giveaways, with three more weeks to go! Next week we have the VB’s brother, the VaporBLUNT 2! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. We do email all the winners. They are emailed before winners are even announced online.

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