Two New Vaporizer Winners Selected!

Did everyone have a good Valentine’s Day? We picked three lucky winners to call new vapes their valentine last week and this week we are looking for two new lucky winners!

We had a great week last Friday as TWO vaporizer winners claimed their prizes. Congratulations to Jeffrey F. from Rhode Island on winning the eDab HELOS Deluxe + HELOS-G Cartridge and also to Jessie S. from Pennsylvania on winning the VapeCase iPhone Vape. Those are great vaporizers and getting them free makes them even better, enjoy them you two!

With those vapes gone we’ve still got some work to do, so we have two more random winners getting that nice little message from us letting them know they are the proud new owner of a new vape. What vapes you ask?

Returning from previous weeks is the super discreet PUFFiT-X vape. The PUFFiT-X is the world’s first protable vaporizer that has a small internal fan that comfortably delivers the vapor to you, making the whole vape experience extra smooth and enjoyable.

The new vape this week is one of the first and best table tops I’ve owned, the Arizer Extreme Q. With the Extreme Q you have the option of either using whip tubing or vapor balloons to enjoy your vapor, letting you pick your favorite delivery method or mix things up every now and again. Add in that you can operate it entirely with the remote control and you have one amazing vape.

Jeffrey and Jesse are probably enjoying their new vapes right now!

To see if you are one of the lucky winners check your email inbox now and be sure to check all the folders in the email in case it got filtered out to spam or another folder. If you won simply reply with your shipping information and color choice (if applicable) and we’ll get it shipped out ASAP.

Of course you’ve got to be in it to win it as the saying goes so be sure to join the EZVapes community here where you get our weekly vaporizer newsletter packed with pics and reviews of new vapes and other noteworthy updates in the vape community. Then you’ll be eligible for all our future giveaways and don’t need to enter again.

Time is running out on our 15% off sale on ALL vape pens, so hurry up and use the coupon code “VAPEPEN” to take advantage of this sweet deal. I’d personally recommend picking up the Joyetech eGo-C as it just got a nice little price cut!

Summer is just around the corner, anyone have any nice vacations planned? I’m hoping to sneak away to the Florida Keys for a few days, but that might be wishful thinking. let us know in the comments and everyone have a great weekend!

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