Two Prizes Going Out To Kick Off Our October Giveaways!

Are you all as excited as I am to begin a brand new month of giveaways?! Great way to cap off the week and head into the weekend if you ask me. We’ve got two winners randomly selected today, so let’s get to it!

We actually had two winners claim their prizes in the last week of our giveaways for September, so a big congrats to Carlos S. on snagging the Atmos i4 and Mario C. on taking home the grand prize Pinnacle Pro. You guys enjoy those new vapes, we know you will!

You know what that means. Once again this poor little m420 Incredibowl is still sad and lonely, looking for a new owner to give it tons of attention. The winner who finally claims this awesome prize will even get to choose from the 10 colors we currently have in stock, even the olive green color that doesn’t come around too often.

That brings us to our first prize for the recently announced October giveaways, the Atmos Nail 510! The Nail vaporizer is a small vape pen that is perfect for the thinner oils, waxier concentrates and everything in between. Performance aside, the Atmos Nail is an absolute pleasure to look at with its shiny chrome finish.

If you weren’t lucky enough to win one of those great prizes don’t fret, we still have our daily e-juice giveaway going down in a matter of moments! Head over to our Facebook page and just be sure you look out for that picture of the e-juice and you’ll know it’s time!

In case you aren’t yet eligible for these giveaways or you just aren’t sure, all you have to do to be eligible is join our constantly growing interactive EZVapes community here. Every week you’ll get our vaporizer newsletter that has informative reviews of the newest arrivals, pics of new products and products set to release soon, and even unadvertised specials and coupons!

So now is the time to check your email inbox you used to join our community and see if you have that message from us letting you know your Friday just got a whole lot better. Make sure you check EVERY folder in your inbox. For example, Gmail’s new inbox added the “Social” and “Promotions” tabs at the top, the email could easily end up in one of those so be sure to be thorough!

Now I told everyone week in and week out to take advantage of our sale on portable vaporizers. Some of you listened and some of you did not. Good news is most of you listened so we went ahead and extended it another month! Just as before, use the coupon code “PORT15” at checkout and instantly receive 15% off any portable vape. Click here to use this coupon and pick yourself up a new portable vape! I really would suggest the Pinnacle Pro by VB, this thing is flying off the shelves and getting rave reviews.

We also have a little special going on right now as well. Anyone who purchases the Wispr 2 vape, even using the PORT15 discount, will receive the hard shell sport case completely FREE. This is perhaps one of the best deals we have offered, so if you don’t want to wait for week 3 to see if you win one, you can always get it at an awesome discount with the best accessory available for it.

Now that the giveaways for October are officially in full swing, what prize do you guys want the most? We have the PUFFiT X next week, which has gotten a lot of attention lately. Unfortunately since I work here I can’t win 🙁 but if I were eligible I would definitely have my eye on that Wispr 2 and case, what about you? Let us know in the comments!


  1. I would love the Puffit .

  2. Kim Kerwood says

    It all sounds Awesome!!! PLEASE Enter me into the Contest!!!!

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