Two Winners Claim Their Prizes!

Everybody have a fun extended weekend? We know two people who must have, as they claimed and will be receiving their giveaway prizes!

Congrats to Joe B. from Illinois on snagging that Prometheus Titan that had been hanging around from last month. Also a big congratulations to Christopher J. from California on winning the powerhouse VaporBLUNT 2.0!

We’re sure they’ll both enjoy those goodies when they arrive shortly. So as of right now we’ll be drawing winners for the Palm 2.0, VaporBLUNT Pro Kit, the Pinnacle and our just unannounced final giveaway on Friday.

There’s only three days left now to take advantage of our sale for 15% off any VB product expiring at the end of the month, so remember to take advantage of this deal while you can!


  1. Kelly Dorney Bertram says

    How do you find out if you won?

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